Thank You Barry for Making Me Aware of the Need for Income Protection

I’d like to take the opportunity to firstly thank Barry for making me aware of the need for income protection.

I first met Barry Lynam in 2013 when I was looking to purchase a property, Barry did the finance and was most helpful, at the time Barry asked me what I had in place as far as Life insurance, income protection and super.

I had life insurance and super, however, these were not adequate cover. I did not have any income protection and had never really thought it necessary. Barry put forward a few examples of how income protection helped some of his other clients, also the fact that I am a single mother with a mortgage, should something happen to me, that made it not possible for me to work, how would I pay the mortgage and living expenses.

So with all that said, I got the quotes and started making the payments. A payment that I thought I’d never need, but at 41, just a few weeks ago, I had a stroke. The peace of mind that having the income protection has bought at this time when my health is what I need to concentrate on is the best medicine so to speak. So I urge all that don’t have it, to please take a look and see if you can organise your finances to include a policy, you just never know what’s around the corner.

Thanks again Barry, greatly appreciated.

Carolyne Browne